Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Remaining Feminine In The Midst Of Boys

Growing up, I always enjoyed playing in the woods.  My siblings and I would make some pretty beautiful spaces nestled between bark and moss.  We'd line rocks carefully along a windy path , rake out the leaves and debris, and settle in for the good part of a day.  

Sunlight would trickle in from above and scatter rays of golden onto our dirt floors.  We'd spend hours there.  On our way back, we'd skip rocks in the windy creek and catch toads and turtles painted by God.

I always knew I'd love having boys someday.  I was made for it.  I was the ultimate tomboy growing up.  You could find my sister inside, comfy beneath a good book, while I would much rather create my own adventures in wide open spaces.  I could care less about cooking, and cleaning and anything too girly. But then I grew up...

Marriage and homemaking and raising little ones captured my heart in an instant.  Love changed me eternally.

With all the cars, tiny legos, dirty knees and rough housing that boys bring to a family, how does a Mama keep her feminine touch?

1) Check Your Inner Beauty First
Look into the mirror of God's Word each day.  What does God say that true beauty is?  Before we can display true femininity, we much see that our reflection is found in the ONE who created woman.  

2) Relinquish Your Control-Freak Ways
A harried and frazzled Mom will become stressed and, let's face it, a down right hot mess!  You will lose your feminine ways when you try to have everything in perfect control.  If you've been a Mom long enough, you know that eventually, you are forced to hand over your control-freak ways.  We all get there eventually and we realize that it's liberating to not always have all of our ducks in a row.  Some days, if our ducks are still alive, we give ourselves a gold star.

3) Laugh A lot, And Take Long Showers
Find time to laugh a lot.  Loosen up.  Oh, and take long, hot showers or bubble baths.  Schedule it into your busy day/week.

4) Don't Be Afraid of Pampering Yourself
It's okay to make time for you in the midst of dirt and grime.  It may come less frequently than it use to, but you can still find time to pamper yourself.  You'll be a better Mama for it.  Paint your nails, shave your legs, and put on some nice smelling lotion or perfume.  You'll feel like a million bucks.

5) Show Affection To Your Husband
Happy kids witness happy parents kissing and hugging often.  They may say it's gross that you smooch so much, but deep down, they really love it and it makes them feel secure.  Go on regular dates.  Your kids need to see that your relationship comes first, even before them.

6) Don't Be Afraid To Get Dirty
There's no rule saying to remain feminine, you can't get out and get dirty too!  Go build a fort with your kids, go on a nature hike, or even dance in some mud puddles.  

7) Wear Some Lace and Frilly Things
We all have different styles, but whatever makes you feel pretty and delicate, make it happen!  Maybe it's that lacy top, high heel shoes, or big hoop earrings.  Make sure that you get dressed for the day, and out of those super comfy yoga pants from time to time!  

There's nothing more rewarding that raising little ones.  Whether you have all girls, all boys, or a mixture of the two, our children have a way of wearing us down!  They don't mean to, it just comes with the territory.  As mothers, our souls are bent towards nurturing and fixing, so we go to the ends of the horizon to make sure our kids are taken care of.  But in the midst of raising little ones, don't forget to take care of YOU!  When you do, you'll find that you are a happier and more care free Mama!

I want to hear from YOU!  What do you do to keep your feminine touch? 

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Easter Wreath Table Centerpiece

I purchased these supplies from Walmart.  All you need is 

1 of each: pink, green, and white bouquet of hydrangea fake flowers.

1 straw wreath

Some other accents like berries and a cross.

I just arranged these how I liked them and attached them to the wreath using a glue gun.  

Place a candle in the middle and you have a beautiful and simple table centerpiece for Easter!

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